I am a photographer from Toronto, Canada that takes pride in capturing photographs. I specialize my photography throughout weddings, events, street photography, travel, portraits, and commercial advertising.


Photography started for me when I was in grade 11. I seen a picture coming from a friend of mine on Instagram and it caught my attention, at that point an interest was building upon me towards photographs. It was perfect for me because my mom had a DSLR that was just collecting dust and I told myself that I wanted to make use of the camera and shoot. After picking up my first camera which was a Nikon D5300, I immediately fell in love with with taking pictures and till this day my love for photography continues to grow each and everyday. 

But there were moments in my life where I would want to give up photography because I would feel that I wasn't good enough. Long story short, choosing my college course, I wanted to tell my parents that I wanted to study photography but instead I planned on becoming a firefighter. I was afraid of how they would react if I took a course that they possibly wouldn't agree with me taking. Eventually, my dad knew how much interest I had in photography and he told me that I should study photography instead and I was full of excitement. 

Photography has now been a part of my life and is something that I think about almost everyday. Each and everyday I always push myself to learn and there has not been one day where I can't go without thinking about photography.

I also wanna thank God for making me who I am. He's helped me with many of my doubts. He knew that photography was truly meant for me. I always refer to the bible passage from Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Photography is my stress reliever and its my life, I enjoy shooting anything at anytime. To me, it's all about exploring and learning and that's what I strive in doing everyday.


​I am honoured to create images that will enable my clients to create memories that last forever. I look forward to being your photographer!